Jun 06, 7:00 AM – Jun 09, 10:00 PM
Hosted on the ACS Zoom platform
Meeting will be conducted on central time.Early registration will be $25 for all categories.
Abstracts due March 1st


Flash talks will be offered in lieu of poster sessions. These live talks will be 7 minutes in length and grouped in pods. They usually consist of 3-4 slides. Once 4-6 flash talks are complete there will be a Q and A for all presenters in the pod.

Graduate students and postdocs talks will usually be 15 minutes in length.

Other presentations will be 25 minutes in length. Symposia chairs may allocate longer speaker times to symposia keynote presentations.  

Business Conference



A virtual career fair will be held at the meeting. Companies and organizations that will be represented at the fair will be posted here in Spring 2021.



General Program Co-Chair: James Wollack (jwwollack@stkate.edu) 

General Program Co-Chair: Ramesh Kumar (rckumar0051@gmail.com)

Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Chair: Ariel Childress (AMChildress@hormel.com)


Chair: Danny Brown (DMBrown@landolakes.com)


Co-Chair: Mike Freeman (mffreema@umn.edu)

Co-Chair: Claudia Schmidt-Dannert (schmi232@umn.edu)

​Biologically Related Molecules and Processes

Co-Chair: Willam Pomerantz (wcp@umn.edu)

Co-Chair: Scott Burr (sbur@gustavus.edu)

Chemical Biology

Chair: Shelby Auger (auger054@umn.edu)

Chemical Business: Resources and Best Practices

Co-Chair: Adam Sussman (asussman0206@mac.com)

Co-Chair: Joe Sabol (jsabol@chem-consult.com)

Chemical Education Research

Chair: Alexey Leontyev (alexey.leontyev@ndsu.edu)

Chemical Research in Toxicology

Co-Chair: Luke Erber (lerber@umn.edu)

Co-Chair : Natalia Tretyakova (trety001@umn.edu) 

Chemical Safety

Chair: Taysir Bader (bader072@umn.edu) 

Crystallography in the Undergraduate Curriculum

Chair: Daron Janzen (dejanzen@stkate.edu)

Distance Learning in Chemical Education

Chair: Annalisa Jordan (amjordan@stkate.edu)

Elevating the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Chemistry 

Chair: Mike Wentzel (wentzelm@augsburg.edu)

Green Chemistry

Chair: Doug Raynie (Douglas.Raynie@sdstate.edu)

General Topics in Analytical Chemistry

Co-Chair: Blair Troudt (troud004@umn.edu)

Co-Chair: Celeste Rousseau (rouss070@umn.edu)

General Topics in Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy

Chair: Nicholas Scholtter (nschlotter@hamline.edu)

General Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

Chair: TBD - Contact General Chair


Co-Chair: Adam Miller (admiller@mmm.com)

Co-Chair: Dennis Cao (dcao@macalester.edu)

Medical Devices:

Chair: Chad Satori (chadpsatori@gmail.com)

Medicinal Chemistry

Chair: Sarah Dimick Gray (sarah.dimickgray@metrostate.edu)

Metal Organic Frameworks

Chair: Craig MacKinnon (cmackinn@lakeheadu.ca)

Natural Product Synthesis:

Chair: TBD-Contact General Chair


Chair: Sonja Mackey (smackey@mmm.com)

New Organic Reaction Development

Chair: TBD-Contact General Chair

Organometallic Chemistry 

Co-Chair: Ian Tonks (itonks@umn.edu)

Co-Chair: Dan Huh (huhxx055@umn.edu)

Organic Chemistry at PUIs

Chair: Katie McGarry (Katie.McGarry@uwsp.edu)

Obtainable Sustainability in Industrial Applications

Chair: Mark Ellis (mfellis@mmm.com)

Reflections of Senior Chemists:

Chair: Lynn Hartshorn (LGHARTSHORN@stthomas.edu)

Sustainable Polymers

Chair: Jane Wissinger (jwiss@umn.edu)

Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry

Chair: Daron Janzen (dejanzen@stkate.edu )



To learn more about what to expect at ACS Great Lakes Regional meeting 2021, take a look below at the full schedule. We’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding specific activities, event timing or any other inquiries.


Empowering Women in Chemistry Luncheon: Strategize and network with other Women Chemists from the Great Lakes and Central Regions. Scheduled for June 8th 12:15-1:15pm. Led by Deborah Gross, Carleton College. 

ACS Chemistry and the Law Workshop: 

This four hour workshop will include a panel of keynote speakers followed by discussion and Q and A. Topics at the workshop will include alternative careers for chemists in the IP/patent field, what a business person needs to know about patients and IP, and presentations about hot topics in the IP field. 

This workshop is scheduled for Monday June 7, 1PM to 1 5PM central time. Pre-registration (free) is recommended. 

ACS CHAS Workshop: Empowering Academic Researchers to Strengthen Safety Culture 

This 4-hour workshop is primarily directed at researchers in academic institutions that may include graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and undergraduate students. Faculty and safety staff are also very much encouraged to participate.

Workshop goals are to:

-Educate participants about the value of risk assessment

-Guide participants towards gaining awareness of safety culture messages from the leadership at their institutions

-Empower participants to expand their safety networks and develop laboratory safety teams.

The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 5, 1 PM to 5 PM Central Time. Grants will be available to cover a portion of registration. Final cost to participants registered for the meeting  will be $5.  When conference registration opens, registration for this workshop will be an option.  If you have any questions about workshop content please email lstworkshop@dchas.org

or check out  http://dchas.org/2020/12/31/lst-workshop/   for an overview of what past workshops with this theme have entailed. 

Lunch N’ Learn Series will occur each day of the conference from 12:15-1:15. Different topics will be on each day.

Lunch N' Learn: Project Seed.

A discussion and overview of project seed that includes examples of its implementation and impact.

Lunch N' Learn: The Green Chemistry Commitment.

A brief Introduction to the Beyond Benign Green Chemistry Commitment and examples of how to implement green chemistry leaning objectives into the chemistry curriculum. The introduction will be followed up by discussion and information on how to sign up for the commitment.

Lunch N' Learn: (MACTLAC) Midwest Association of Chemistry Teachers at Liberal Arts Colleges.

Learn about the annual MACTLAC conference and its discussion-based program devoted to teaching practices at liberal arts colleges. Also, past MACTLAC attendees come here to network and catch up.

Lunch N' Learn: Sustainability in industrial processes.

A discussion group on how sustainability can be implemented at various stages of research, development, and production.

Lunch N' Learn: How to approach supervisors for feedback and promotion.

A discussions on how to partake in professional discussions related to advancement.

Lunch N' Learn: Collaboration in the chemical enterprise.

An introduction and discussion on collaboration and it’s important for scientific advancement.

Lunch N' Learn: Incorporating course-based research experiences in the undergraduate lab curriculum. Share how you incorporate CURE's (Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences) in the curriculum at your University. If do not have CURE's come and learn from those who do.

Lunch N' Learn: Research at PUI's; the value of collaborations.

Discuss and share creative ways that you collaborate within your department or between departments to complete undergraduate research. How can you leverage collaboration for both funding and opportunity?

Lunch N' Learn: Microwave reactions for the laboratory.

Learn and share how microwave experiments are incorporated in the lab curriculum

Lunch N' Learn: Applying to graduate school: Tips, trends, and what to expect.

How to secure letters of reference, what to write in a personal statement, and how to choose what schools to apply to will be discussed.

Lunch N' Learn: Graduate school: I'm in, now what.

Setting up for success in your first year. Learn from students what to expect the first year of graduate school. Get tips on what how to plan and search out opportunity.

Lunch N' Learn: How to work with placement agents to secure your first job.

Placement agents will explain the process of working with them to secure a job. They will highlight timelines and what to expect.


Before conversion to an on-line meeting an expo was planned to be held. In lieu of a virtual expo vendors are offered 5 minute advertisements in symposia. They come with a meeting registration. Contact James Wollack (jwwollack@stkate.edu) for more information.



A detailed Schedule will be available in mid to late April. 



Conference registration is scheduled to begin mid March. Registration cost will be $25 for all attendees - members/nonmembers/students etc.

Come back to this place on the site and a link will be available for registration.  


Abstract submissions are open January 18th until March 1st. 

Click on the button labeled Link to ACS abstract submission. It will bring you to the external abstract submission website.



• Stanley C. Israel Regional Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences
The Stanley C. Israel Regional Award recognizes individuals and/or institutions who have advanced diversity in the chemical sciences and significantly stimulated or fostered activities that promote inclusiveness within the region.

• E. Ann Nalley Regional Award for Volunteer Service to the American Chemical Society
Purpose: To recognize the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the American Chemical Society, contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the Society through their regional activities.

• Partners for Progress and Prosperity Award
Purpose:  To encourage and recognize successful and exemplary partnerships, a Partners for Progress and Prosperity (P3) Award was established as an award to be given by Local ACS Sections, ACS International Chapters, and ACS Regional Meetings.
These partnerships can be between industry, academia, government, small business and/or other organizations, including ACS local sections, ACS divisions, ACS international chapters, other societies or various entities domestic or overseas resulting in impactful outcomes in one or more of the following categories:

•The ACS Division of Chemical Education Great Lakes Region Award for Excellence in High School Teaching

Purpose: To recognize, encourage, and stimulate outstanding teachers of high school chemistry in the Great Lakes Region



For inquiries about the regional meeting please contact  the regional meeting planning committee.
James Wollack: jwwollack@stkate.edu
Ramesh Kumar: rckumar0051@gmail.com 
Mike Wentzel: wentzelm@augsburg.edu

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